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Album Peak Life | Les Gents
Laurens MC | Leroy PRC | Horscht | DJ Stimpee Kutz | Marton di Katz

Album Peak Life
Les Gents

The formation LES GENTS represents smooth flows over beats with funk and soul. On the upcoming album «Peak Life» on 10/25/2013 rapper Laurens MC (formerly Sendak) and producers Leroy PRC and Horscht combined their shared passion for music to provide English rap from Switzerland with a timeless soundtrack.

The album «Peak Life» includes twelve powerful tracks which agitate between soul, funk and classic East Coast rap. Accordingly and despite its diversity, the album is a consistent declaration of love to the head-nod-sound of the early nineties. At the same time melodies and lines emerge nimbly and agile, yet always thoughtful. The lyrics often convey strong and honest images which allude and entertain alike. The substantive spectrum ranges from classic rap tracks («Propz & Fame») to autobiographical («On The Rise») and socio-critical issues («Alien Treatment»). Laurens MC frequently seems like a companion, a friend guiding one through his everyday life. The music was equally produced by Leroy PRC and Horscht. All texts and choruses are written by Laurens MC. Several tracks feature cuts by DJ Stimpee Kutz and bass lines by Marton di Katz.

The album is available starting on 10/25/13 and can be downloaded from iTunes, Ex Libris or The physical CD, including the CD bonus track, is released as a limited edition and distributed exclusively through

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Les Gents


Golden Age Hip Hop from Switzerland

LES GENTS was formed by some veterans of the Swiss rap, combining three generations of Hip Hop. It all began with Leroy PRC, who contributed significantly to the prehistory of the Swiss Hip Hop through his features on the legendary «Fresh Stuff» producer albums between 1989 and 1993.

In 1993 Leroy PRC encouraged Laurens MC to write his first own tracks. As of 1994, Laurens MC, then under the artist name MAL, proved his skills as front rapper of the Zurich rap group Sendak. On three records and with a wide musical horizon, the band co-shaped the era of the rise of Helvetic rap. After having quit the band in 1998, Laurens MC continued to work together with Leroy PRC under the name of Mindharpoon.

In 2012 the aspiring producer Horscht from Grisons, who was also inspired to make music by Leroy PRC, achieved the impossible and managed to unite Swiss Rap legends with ambitious newcomers on his producer album « Fresh and Unknown». This circumstance led to the foundation of LES GENTS in early 2013. During the production of the debut album «Peak Life» they were joined by DJ Stimpee Kutz (Sektion Kuchikäschtli) on the turntables and Marton di Katz (Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester) on the bass.

Laurens MC, Rap
Leroy PRC, Beats
Horscht, Beats

DJ Stimpee Kutz, Cuts
Marton di Katz, Bass
Laurens MC
Laurens MC

In 1992 Laurens MC discovered a passion for rap and the English language during an exchange year in England. A year later he met producer Leroy PRC and they began making music under the name of Mindharpoon. In 1994 Leroy introduced Laurens MC to the Zurich Hip Hop group Sendak. As front rapper MAL, during one EP and two studio albums as well as numerous concerts (i. a. as Support for Del La Soul, The Roots, Fettes Brot, Sens Unik, Warren G and Delinquent Habits), he honed his skills as a songwriter, studio musician and live performer. In 1997 the group was awarded with the Werkjahr I der Kulturf¨rderung der Stadt Zürich by the city of Zurich.
After having quit the band in 1998, Laurens MC worked with a variety of producers and musicians, next to Leroy PRC and DJ Stimpee Kutz with Leme, Alex Kirschner, Merge of Equals and Jacobee. In 2012 he featured on the producer album « Fresh and Unknown» by producer Horscht. In 2013 Laurens MC founded the formation LES GENTS, together with Leroy PRC and Horscht.
Leroy PRC
Leroy PRC

The producer Leroy PRC from Davos discovered his love for Hip Hop in 1981, when his big brother showed up at home with a vinyl of Afrika Bambaataa. In 1988 Leroy began to write and rap his own lyrics on self-produced beats under the name of DPM Syndication.

Between 1989 and 1993 Leroy PRC featured on three of the legendary « Fresh Stuff» producer albums in different formations. In this context Leroy PRC rapped and produced with artists such as Black Tiger, Spooman, First Capitol and DJ Ace.
In 1993 he met rapper Laurens MC and the two began making music under the name of Mindharpoon. As of 1994, Leroy began to focus almost exclusively on producing. This was succeeded with work published by Black Tiger, Stress, Sektion Kuchikäschtli, Maze, Laurens MC and unreleased collaborations with Black Tiger and TNN. As of 2004, Leroy PRC only worked secretly on beats. In 2013 Leroy PRC founded the formation LES GENTS, together with Laurens MC and Horscht.

Horscht was born and raised in Davos. In his youth he discovered his love for Hip Hop culture, specifically for rap music. After first steps as a rapper and founding his own band after the dissolution of the group, Horscht moved away from the microphone towards samplers and drum machines.

His friendship with Leroy PRC granted him insight into the art of sampling, and thus paved the way for a passion, which would manifest itself in contributions on various Swiss Hip Hop albums for the years to come.
Horscht produced beats for Grisons rap formation Room 13 on their solo album as well as the song «Taxi» on the album of the Schwyzer rapper C.mEE, which reached No. 21 of the Swiss Album Charts. In August 2012, Horscht released his first producer album « Fresh and Unknown», which featured artists such as Spooman, Damos, Hyphen (Breitbild), Steven Egal, C.mEE and Shape. In 2013 Horscht founded the formation LES GENTS, together with Laurens MC and Leroy PRC.
DJ Stimpee Kutz
DJ Stimpee Kutz

In 1998 DJ Stimpee Kutz founded Grisons Hip Hop Formation Sektion Kuchikäschtli, together with producer Claud and rapper Rennie. In 2004 their second album « Nur So am Rand» reached No. 6 of the Swiss Charts, their third album « Affatanz» even climbed to No. 2 in 2007.
Between 2000 and 2002 the cuts by Stimpee Kutz were featured on projects by Leroy PRC, Laurens MC and Mindharpoon. Further collaborations followed with Big Zis, Gimma and Breitbild. DJ Stimpee Kutz joined LES GENTS during the production of the album «Peak Life» in the summer of 2013 to do the cuts.
Marton di Katz
Marton di Katz

Marton di Katz is a musician, composer and producer from Zurich. Marton di Katz has been a member of Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester since 2006. He composed and produced the album of Big Zis « Und jetz ... was hät das mit mir z tue? », which was awarded the jury prize at the 2010 Swiss Music Awards.
In 2010 Marton di Katz produced several tracks on the album of Baze, which reached No. 6 on the Swiss charts and was nominated for the Swiss Hip Hop Music Awards as best Album. In 2013 he produced and wrote the debut album of SKOR, for which he subsequently received the Swiss Hip Hop Music Award 2013 as best producer. Marton di Katz joined LES GENTS during the production of the album «Peak Life» in the summer of 2013 and plays bass on several pieces.

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