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08/03/14 - Agenda: Les Gents Live
Kontrolliertes Kaos (Nico Suave & Sleepwalker), Mr. Schnabel Support: Les Gents, Panadox, Teiler, Esse Doppia, DJ Jesaya & DJ B2K
06/14/14 - Agenda: Les Gents Live
Les Gents Live feat. DJ Stimpee Kutz (Sektion Kuchik
12/25/13 - News: Steff La Cheffe
12/20/13 - News: BAZE
12/14/13 - Press: Rockstar Review
Who favors this, also likes Gang Starr "Hard To Earn", [...] Nas "It Was Written"
12/03/13 - News: SKELT!
11/18/13 - News: Captain Teis
11/14/13 - News: Lady Shril
11/12/13 - News: GREIS
11/09/13 - Press: Die Suedostschweiz
Indeed, during the best moments of the album one is reminded of crews like Gang Starr.
11/06/13 - News: Pyro!
11/04/13 - News: Pearl Beatz
10/30/13 - News: DJ Tron (P27)
Surprised by PEAK LIFE, producer and DJ Mike Tron Mory
10/25/13 - Shop: Album Now Available!
The album PEAK LIFE can now be ordered in digital or as CD (including Bonus Track)!
10/24/13 - News: Sista Lin
10/20/13 - Shop: T-Shirt Les Gents
10/08/13 - Media: Audio Teaser PEAK LIFE
A little tasting to get comfortäble :-)
10/05/13 - Agenda: Start Album Pre-ordering
PEAK LIFE can be pre-ordered as of today!
Order the limited CD incl. Bonus Track now for the introduction price of 16 Fr. and receive it before the official release on 10/25/13!

Go to Shop
10/04/13 - News: Tracklist PEAK LIFE
01. Kutz Gone Wilde (Prelude)
02. Typothink
03. Dogzunleashed
04. Come Clean
05. Alien Treatment
06. Frankenstein Love
07. The Missing Link (Skit)
08. Propz & Fame
09. Bootie Gun Powder
10. Mindbasher
11. Strolling (Interlude)
12. Foolness
13. Peak Life
14. On The Rise
15. Bird's Wheeze (Outro)
16. Gardyloo (CD Bonus Track)

(Duration: 47:48)
10/03/13 - Media: Video Teaser PEAK LIFE
Impressions out of the booth during the recordings of PEAK LIFE.
10/02/13 - News: LESGENTS.CH Online!
Audio, Video, Lyrics, Shop, Agenda and Infos about Les Gents on !

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08/03/14Agenda: Les Gents Live
06/14/14Agenda: Les Gents Live
12/25/13News: Steff La Cheffe
12/24/13Agenda: Les Gents Live
12/24/13Agenda: Les Gents Live

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